Australian dollar futures contracts

The Australian dollar futures contracts are derivative instruments that tracks the exchange rates from the underlying asset, which is the AUDUSD spot forex market rate. If a trader wants exposure to the Australian dollar, then the AUD futures contracts are the ideal derivatives assets to trade. Trading is conducted via the CME Group’s futures trading exchange. Trading opens… Read More »

Trading In Gold

Trading in gold can be done in a number of ways. For one, you can buy physical gold, or you can invest in a stock of a company that mines for gold. You can also invest in paper gold such as buying gold ETF’s or you can trade gold futures which are commodity contracts. You can also trade… Read More »

Futures Contracts Trading – The Origins

Futures contracts trading exists for two main reasons: one is to secure a financial flow, while the other is to make a gambit for great profit. There are many different versions that one can dig into to really understand where futures trading came from. Among the different stories, two major narratives are commonly used. Futures contracts trading can… Read More »