Currency Futures Charts

Looking for a quick fix for your currency futures? Use our free charting tool below (courtesy of to access the futures contract chart of your choice. Please be aware that your charts will not be saved. You will have to sign up for an account at

To get your started, we have the Euro futures contract set up by default. Other currency tickers that you might want to use are:

Symbol Instrument Symbol Instrument
Euro Futures E61! New Zealand dollar futures N61!
British pound Futures B61! Gold Futures GC1!
Japanese yen Futures J71! Silver Futures SI1!
Swiss franc Futures S61! Crude Oil Futures CL1!
Canadian dollar Futures D61! E-Mini S&P500 ES1!
Australian dollar Futures A61! Dow 30 Futures YM1!
Nasdaq 100 Futures NQ1! Russell 2000 Futures RJ1!