Day trading currency futures! How much money do you need?

Day trading currency futures can be profitable if one has the right mindset, expertise of course the right trading capital. But very often, traders ask what is the amount they need to be able to day trade currency futures. Get your answers to this question in this article.

Weekly trading system for currency futures

Weekly trading system for currency futures is a very simple price action based trading system. It is relatively simple, but requires patience on behalf of the trader to trade this method with success. The weekly trading system, as the name suggests is ideal for use on the currency futures market. Because there are no complex trading indicators used,… Read More »

How to trade New Zealand dollar futures contracts

The New Zealand dollar futures are an interesting currency futures contract. In this article read on the fundamental factors that are responsible for the speculative activity in the New Zealand dollar futures and how day traders can capitalize on this information.

How to trade the Australian dollar futures contracts

The Australian dollar futures contracts are one of the ideal currency contracts to trade for a number of reasons. For starters, speculators and day traders who prefer to take exposure to a currency contract away from the Eurozone, Japan will find the Australian dollar futures contracts to be an ideal derivatives asset to trade. To be successful in… Read More »